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Wood Burning Stove Flue

wood burning stove flue
Is it safe to use aluminum foil tape in a flue pipe of a wood stove?

Safe use of fire tubes

Thjis tape is designed for use as a heating and ventilation pipe and not for wood stoves. You have to use self-tapping metal screws and possibly fiberglass muffler repair tape leaks. The stove gets too hot for the metal tape. So for safety reasons use the proper sealant for the stove

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Outdoor Wood Stoves

outdoor wood stoves
Should I insulate or buy a wood stove outdoors?

(Over time I will do both, but I do first?) I'll do something about of our outrageous heating bills. I just paid $ 475 for enough fuel to last three weeks and is still cold in our home. I live in the country and wood / coal is very cheap (or free sometimes) and I considered getting one of the largest outdoor wood / coal furnaces only 2X per day charge. Our house is also very draughty and our isolation is only found on the roof, some windows should be replaced and probably a little time stripping is necessary. Therefore, I will be better to isolate and replace the windows or get the oven? I also like the idea of being independent of oil! How much will I save properly insulated? I do not have neighbors who are bothered by smoke and I know for a fact that was not banned because one of our supervisors municipality heat your home with one.

Outdoor wood stoves are the safest way to heat the house using wood. Installing a wood stove indoors in your home with air currents and are creating hot spots and cold – hot next to your stove inside and cold on the other drawing in cold air from the outside for combustion. You have a risk of fire .. just seeing the media and you will see hundreds of chimney fires, structure fires caused by or attributed to domestic heating appliances. A wood stove heats the air throughout the house and provide hot water. You must pay close attention to where you Always locate and install a proper chimney to the same height as you would any other timber of the appliance. The EPA has created a program for manufacturers of furnaces to produce lower emissions outdoor wood.

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Pellet Stove Fireplace Inserts

pellet stove fireplace inserts
I want to put a fireplace insert pellet in my home / fireplace?

They said that my chimney is "not recommended" to be used often ( previous owner did not use and cover … oxidized all I guess). Is it necessary to invest in repairing the chimney liner to have a pellet stove insert You can use the fireplace as shown. Or simply "venting" that in part by the fireplace?

If you have a chimeny in need of repair, DO NOT use it as is. You most likely Butner down your house. There may be a couple of options, function. If it is a clay pipe, it is possible you may have to re-lined tube wall with a double or triple galvanized. If it is a metal tube will probably have to be replaced.

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Wood Stoves

wood stoves
There are mobile homes with wood stoves rated fans that are connected to a forced hot air system?

I live in a trailer about 800 to 1,000 square meters and the need for a wood stove, but has a fan powerful enough to connect to a system of forced hot air and sufficient BTU that through the system. and preferably one that wont make me bankrupt.

NORTHERN TOOL CHECK Or try an oil burner easily constructed GOOGLE CHECK

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Wood And Coal Burning Stoves

wood and coal burning stoves
A wood stove and coal be better to use my electric heating system?

I'm thinking of buying a wood or coal burner for my house to reduce the amount of electricity you use. Is it a good idea? I live in rural Kentucky .. Find sources of timber will not be a problem. I'm not worried the cost of wood or coal .. I worry more about what really would be better for the environment.

If the wood / coal is cheaply available, (Which was expected as in Kentucky), you can save some money. Do not worry though. Coal and wood burning differently, and coal is known for gas production of toxic carbon monoxide if the range is not set to perfection. Get established by a professional. You can not replace its entire electric heat, but it should save on the bills.

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Gas Stoves

gas stoves
Can be cheaper to use than electric stoves gas stoves?

I know that the gas is usually cheaper than electric (dryers gas versus electric dryers, gas and electric water heaters vs oil heaters, etc..) But I live in a small studio apartment and it would more convenient to use a George Foreman grill or a stove. Is it cheaper too, because the area used for heat is much lower than when preheat and the use of a gas oven? Or when just using the top gas burners of the stove is cheaper than the smallest of electricity?

Small appliances do not cost much to run. Somewhere in the unit indicating the amount of power you use depends on whether you are burning natural gas or propane, the cost may vary. If you live in a small apartment and save a lot of free gas fireplace, you may burn the ambient air, creating lots network of carbon dioxide and at some point perhaps even carbon monoxide.

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Chimney Flue Repair

chimney flue repair
previous owner replaced the gas fireplace and cut a hole through the chimney?

ventilation did so I can repair the hole direct in the tube so I can return to the wood (which have reached us again as green wood and coal)

I have a chimney that can burn wood a gas starter. I have a fresh air vent on the outside that looks like an air dryer. The chimney has to draw cool air so the fire can burn. I do not know what the burning of wood has to do with the green that goes well. Smoke still gets in the air.

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Wood Burning Stoves

wood burning stoves
Do you still selling firewood or charcoal stoves in South Africa?

Yes they do. The best are from a company called Challenge. They have a full range from the level of entrada''Joya''Desafía to la''''Desafía magic. Only rural furnitureshops values and yet they are very expensive. From R7000 to R12000. You can buy carbon un''Dover''estufa is very basic, no hot boxes, watertanks no, no languages temerature of R4000. Nowa days is money to sellers of scrap metal such as steel prices have shot sky SA incredibly in recent 2 months. An old exhausted still can give you a scrap R1000 rand. They are easy to find and normally out of old houses, as it received electricity. I installed one in my macaw and comes very well with loadshedding! My friends love the fresh bread when you braai.

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Pellet Stoves

pellet stoves
Pellet stoves ….. What do you think?

My son and his wife are heating your home with pellet stoves. It costs about $ 4.00 per day. Comments from anyone else with pellet stoves to heat your home?

Maybe if the heat in the city, I buy by the ton, save boats Large trash,

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Chimney Lining

chimney lining
had a high efficiency furnace installed but installerscould not install the exhaust pipe through the chimney this wound

fireplace is covered with tiles fromwhen the house was built in the 50, s

No way the roof is fine, provided that the appropriate code, dignified, combustion is used.

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