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Chimney Sweep Fireplace

chimney sweep fireplace
Chimney Sweep! Are you trying to draw me out?

Hi, I just had my chimney sweep (Victorian terrace). It has not been swept in years and was there left no fireplaces in the house, we bought a cast iron fireplace to relocate in the hope of recording the records. The sweep came last week, when I was out babysitting let him in and sweep the chimney. He called me to say that the chimney is dangerous! Apparently, the opening is too large for the room (how could it be, the opening has been the same since 1903!) There are some things you can do, but obviously this will cost me! His report says that " relationship between the size of the opening height of combustion and the cross section can be dangerous, according to the Building Regulations 2002 " can someone please advise?

I doubt they are being ripped off, I had mine for about 3 years ago, as I live in a Victorian terrace house very old and I had something similar, do you remember when they built the houses in 1903 I never had any construction standards for things he did not care then, however, get a second opinion is a good idea and make sure it is with a registered.

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Chimney Flue Repair

chimney flue repair
previous owner replaced the gas fireplace and cut a hole through the chimney?

ventilation did so I can repair the hole direct in the tube so I can return to the wood (which have reached us again as green wood and coal)

I have a chimney that can burn wood a gas starter. I have a fresh air vent on the outside that looks like an air dryer. The chimney has to draw cool air so the fire can burn. I do not know what the burning of wood has to do with the green that goes well. Smoke still gets in the air.

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Brick Chimney Repair

brick chimney repair
How to repair the brick fireplace?

After the winter I had parts comes from my brick fireplace. As this is a 2 story house is a permanent solution? I can not do it myself and wondered if a correction is expensive? The chimney is for me not to fire oven, any ideas appreciated, thanks. I live in northern Michigan, though.

If possible, now days can be vented furnaces with b pvc or type of ventilation. Maybe you could have fireplace brick removed below the roof line and put new pipe and flashing inches may be less expensive (it be) and not have that problem again.

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Chimney Inspection

chimney inspection
During an assessment of the FHA, they will not look on the roof and the chimney?

I already had a home inspection and be in the top of brick chimney is crumbling a bit. He said it will cost about 500 or 1000 to fix. I think the set at 2 months (they have no money now.) During the evaluation FHA's going on the roof and check the chimney and make me fix now?

Of course I will go and inspect the roof! And, yes, that may well need to fix before closing.

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Chimney Maintenance

chimney maintenance
My house was only included in the National Historic Register. "I can apply for grants?

I want to do some work for the exterior, ie replace the fireplace, painting and general maintenance stucco. Is there anywhere I can see if scholarships are available to help offset maintenance costs of the 1920 house for real? Please help

You need to go through the Historical Society or the municipality. Grants are funds available or 2 by 1.

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Fireplace Chimney Repair

fireplace chimney repair
Problems with the fireplace?

I have an open fire again installed a few years ago. I just light a fire on the weekends in the winter. I had Grilled to replace it twice because it has become warped and cracked. The back of the fire is very bad too. Many cracks in it. I've repaired several sometimes with fire clay, but now the sweep said I need a new back-equipped. Can anyone explain why it is so bad. Is it a failure later and Grill and if so can you recommend a good manufacturer. I can burn a mixture of coal and wood logs. From time to time when I can get burn peat as well. It was expensive and when I returned to the store told me it was some chemical in the coal did. Never happened to my old fireplace.

Coal burns much hotter then wood, so this may be causing problems with your grill and the back of the fireplace. If you have to replace, have someone about what materials to use that can withstand higher temperatures.

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Gas Fireplace Repair

gas fireplace repair
Turning off the pilot on my gas fireplace, one must see also the gas to prevent gas leaks?

Turning off the pilot on my gas fireplace for the summer to prevent wear of the thermocouple and the accumulation of rust, which is also necessary to cut the gas supply to prevent leaks? Or should I leave it on all summer. What would be advisable to avoid the accumulation of and repairs. Whenever the left, but this year, we had to replace the thermostat, thermocouple, cleaned, because of the rust chips clogging the holes, etc. .. and it was a fairly new chimney, too, are a lot of dead bees in it. How can prevent bees from entering the chimney – please advise

I turn to my pilot and gas valve every summer. Hmmm I've never had a problem with bees. As for the rust build I have a gas fireplace sealed record (brings fresh air from one side out for the combustion) and have never had a problem. The reason why your time off is they do not want the extra heat in the house and I think it's a waste of energy. I let it burn in spring and autumn, because you might want to use the fireplace then. The pilot may not record a lot of fuel, but more than 3 to 5 months I bet you use at least a few dollars. With fuel costs and the cost of CA in summer the option to turn it off. As for closing the valve too, it only makes sense for safety.

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Chimney Sweep

chimney sweep
The cost of a chimney sweep?

My friends and I rented a house with two fireplaces, and wonder if anyone knows how much it costs to obtain a inspection and cleaning if nescessary. Can they be separated, or are only included in one package. On the other hand, since you are renting, the owner is required to ensure that chimneys are in good, clean working order, or have to pay for it.

Maryland is usually $ 100 – $ 200. They to inspect as part of the cleanup. If the owner does not pay to have it clean just mention that they have fire in the fireplace and regardless of whether the accumulation of soot causing a fire that so. He is the one who will pay for a new chimney or building. Seriously, is part of the general maintenance of the building, you must pay it.My family has always had fireplaces and usually shoot a couple of nights a week for 3 months a year. Sometimes we are swept chimmenys each year and sometimes we missed a year. If you really just going to have a few fires (as less than 5 per year) then even if it is dirty you may not be accumulated to more soot to be much worse.

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Chimney Relining

chimney relining
How much does a chimney liner cost?

I have an old Victorian house has seven fireplaces. None of them are lined up yet. I'm not looking to line them all, only one or two. My biggest problem is that my chimney is about 45 feet tall. The brick is in good condition, but I'm sure you probably have to be exceeded. I did not know if there was a price per linear foot, or if I was in Pittsburgh PA involved.THanks

I'd say about $ 800 – $ 900 for 45 feet. plus what they charge for labor and service call

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Fireplace Maintenance

fireplace maintenance
I have a question about the maintenance of the fireplace?

I've just started my home that I never made my own. All goes well until it turned and keep it burning. But I've been using for a few months and the ash is beginning to build within the timber grated platform are set. Should I leave the battery or all if the ash is removed? It is also normal blackening the walls? The question is ment blackened walls on the inside of the chimney.

yes, all of wood, my father used to remove ashes every day. browning is normal. be sure to keep the chimney clean, however, should be cleaned once a year before the winter so no chimney fires start.

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