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Chimney Covers

chimney covers
any advice on repairing the plaster in a fireplace inside the house?

The fireplace in the house of my Goues for cooking and is covered with a type of plaster, then papered. I am preparing to paint, so when I removed the wallpaper, some of the plaster has weaknesses and / or holes. Can someone tell me how to fix it?

use dry wall mud, comes in a bag, see [20] are mixed with the cold .. water until the cake batter and, using 2 spatula to fill the hole flat.use then skim foam sanding block sand smoth 80 grit.if put a small space heater that can be sanded in 2.4 hours.or just wait until the next day that I do these things 4 a living this is the cheap way.

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Texas Fireplace Screen

texas fireplace screen
McKinney, Texas?

Looking for a place to weld .. add to the existing wrought iron fireplace screen … need to make it 3.4 inches taller.

such tests. silber jay saw his work in an art show in Denton really good things. his place is on the old road McGarrah

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Fire Cover

fire cover
Find high-resolution "Set yourself on fire" Stars album cover image?

Can anyone help me locate a high-resolution image of album cover of "Set yourself on fire" by Stars? All I've found so far have been very small and a very large version would be awesome!

This is almost as big as you're gonna get unless you contact the record company or publisher!

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Chimney Screen

chimney screen
Is it safe to mount an LCD TV above my fire?

in my chimney breast? the heat of the fire damage on the screen at all? no I want to buy a stand and then have the TV in ruins.

Most LCD and plasma televisions have approximately the same operating temperature (32-100F). Top of the chimney, after a few minutes feel the wall in the TV set or measure the temperature in the wall with a digital thermometer. If the temperature is cold to the touch or not TV above 90F should be fine. But I would not recommend running the fire in the hills if you can avoid high temperatures can shorten the life or damage to your TV.

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