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Wood Fireplace Surround

wood fireplace surround
Do you have a gas fireplace with flames need a fireplace?

1970 have ugly gas heater installed in the living style and I want to replace it without casing by a real flame gas fire, but the need for an open fire for this? Well you could install a fireplace and real wood fireplace, which the energy bills through the roof, eh?

A standard gas stove needs a tube / fireplace, fireplace either natural or balanced draft, the size of determine the kind of fire burning (class 1 or 2), a class fires often need a vent through the wall as well. Multifuel stoves / fires usually need a larger pipe that gas fires, and usually requires a vent into the room (for air combution). gas fires Flueless not need / chimney, but the room has to be a certain size, and a vent to the outside. Most of the answers here are wrong in one way or another.

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Mantle Decor

mantle decor
How I can extend my fireplace mantle?

The fireplace has a mantle not only a framework for I can not put any type of decoration the top of it.

For additional information, please check out this site. It will give you some information about the stoves wood pellets.

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Fireplace Surround Designs

fireplace surround designs
What improvements add more value?

Me and my husband has $ 10,000 allocated for improvements to our home. We have updated our apparatus, said a pipeline to get our gas stove and decided that we want granite in the kitchen. and also have wood on the tiles in the main bathrooms so you do not have to update it. Because our budget has to decide between the following updates: 1) granite in master bath and private bath and 2) Update of the standard carpet a nice Berber 3) Update of the chimney around the same material as the cabinets in place of the board coming around (The fireplace is in the same room as the kitchen and downstairs is an open concept design) What would choose from these improvements? We are also looking at this from a resale standpoint, because we may have to sell the house in a couple of years to move to another city. Thanks !!!!! :)

Stone is a nice touch and has perceived value, if you put the stone in your bathroom is not limited to granite as it would in your kitchen, your bathroom is not meets the same wear and tear for your options might include stone marble onyx or better. If you decide to upgrade your carpet, consider replacing your carpet with hardwood floors, cork flooring or tile. Berber carpet is a health risk for many people who have allergies and discourage many people from buying of your home as a result. A wooden enclosure is nice, but if you plan to purchase stone for your bathroom, remember that you must buy the entire slab, remnant pieces that have left and maybe you'll have enough to do around him.

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How I can sell my poster autographed by Mickey Mantle?

I had a Mickey Mantle autographed yankees more features, development Professional 20 x 30 poster for 10 years. Even I have the authentication certificate for it. The dealer I bought it 10 years has stopped working. I could not find anything online about it because the art work is rare. Do you know how much you could sell? Thanks in advance.

It is very difficult guess what a piece of unusual sports memorabilia could sell. I hold on to it for a while if I were you though. When the economy has reduced the people will not be willing to spend that much for something. If you have an autographed baseball, which could easily check out what they have sold the past, as they are quite common in comparison to its lineup. The condition of the lineup will be a big factor in determining their value as well. I found a picture autographed in line with an authentication certificate that is priced around $ 1400, and another black and white photo for $ 700. You should try to sell your poster around $ 1500, and negotiate from there. You should be able to get at least $ 1000 if in excellent condition. Talk to some memorabilia dealers too. See what they will offer for it, but do not sell to them. Will try to get at least a few hundred dollars less than they think they can sell. You want sell to a collector not a dealer.

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