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Iron Fireplace

iron fireplace
I have a fireplace and now want to install a gas fire, I can buy gas fire to sit in the fire so to speak?

when the fire is Power still looks like a real fire burning, is a Victorian style cast iron fireplace with marble surround

You may have a coating steel tube if the brick is porous, and as there usually can be sure it is safe. As the others say that it is illegal to install gas elements somebody unless you are a corgi registered installer. In fact, legislation is not 100% on this measure that can make your own work, that is for you and not for money if they are competent, But competition means you will not go wrong. If things go wrong they have no jurisdiction and can go to jail if bad things happen. Selling the home is always better to have a paper trail of business premises for any work on gas and electricity as yourself can be sure, but I trust the previous owner skills?

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