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Fireplace Inserts

fireplace inserts
How I can replace a gas fireplace insert a wood stove?

what changes must be done to replace a gas fireplace insert a wood stove?

Ventilation on / fireplace must be replaced. this is the most crucial. use of gas appliances "C" and "B" vent material, which are tin single wall, double wall and tin, respectively. are not sufficient for solid fuels. solid burning requires a "A" vent. This is similar to a B fan, but (it's been 10 years since I read this) has an insulating layer inbetween the walls of the tube to keep the heat inside the chimney, and are more air tight. Call a professional installer wood stove, and do it properly. "A" vent is VERY expensive, (you can save on ventilation as it does in the kitchen) and I will not make any mistakes, or do so incorrectly. Removal of all the ventilation of other materials must be done before coming to cut costs.

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Fire Inserts

fire inserts
Does anyone have a fireplace insert? Is it worth the money spent?

with the price of butane i think of getting a fireplace insert to reallly helps the heat of a house and save you money? Need some input please help if you have one?

We have a wood stove. Is a great job all year long, but worth it if you love nature and working outside, alo have access to free wood and an endless supply for me husband and I work very well.

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Electric Fire Logs

electric fire logs
Earth Hour? Preserving the planet for your children!?

Earth Hour is a global project to raise awareness about energy consumption and as saving some, getting people to turn off their lights and appliances for one hour. Your TONIGHT from 8 to 9 pm. That is 8 to 9 pm in your local time zone, indeed. Lots of people have signed up for this, including large corporations … this is not just some hippy, this is great! Google has "lights out" during all day … at least in the UK, where the homepage is black for the day. Why not enjoy an evening meal by candlelight? A wood stove spreads the load of heat and light … Try it today! Or, if you are in a warmer climate, why not sit and watch the stars? Even if you can not handle the complete lack of electric light, make a special effort to clear all that you do not absolutely need, and check your DVD players, machines coffee, etc are off, not just in standby mode. View

We intend to sit in the dark with a fire: )

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Gas Fireplace Inserts

gas fireplace inserts
What do you call a filler to cover the fireplace opening?

It is not a screen but a decorative item that fits well into the chimney opening to block. I searched Google for "fireplace insert", but I get gas fireplaces.

In reality, there is a screen? Perhaps a buffer? A screen is placed in front of the fireplace when not in use but not blocked. You are looking for an outlet of some sort? Google Gadget fireplace.

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Fireplace Insert Accessories

fireplace insert accessories
I'm looking for a 1988 Fisher Price Precious Places mansion magic key?

The beautiful places ® Magic Key Mansion is a great 6 / 4, 3 floors pink Victorian house with white trim bread and a light blue ceiling. The house has a beautiful porch that surrounds the hand, a 2-story window, and a white fireplace. The home base has a green (garden) with grooves on the bottom for inserting the precious places ® magnetic key to move the figures around the accessories. Figures and some of the accessories have magnets in them or metal magnet attracts the magnetic key. When a figure is standing on the ground, and the key movements of the plant, makes the figure seem to "come alive" and move by itself. The key can be used to open and close the doors (the buttons are metal), open the door the fireplace, and more. The key also activates the 4 working lights inside the house, and a porch light on the porch!

testing eBay = $ $ $ Or contact us below

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Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

wood burning fireplace inserts
How to repair a crack in my fireplace insert steel, is a wood filler.?

The crack is in the rear interior wall of the piece, the inside is a thin metal and then there's another very thick layer of steel on the outside. Insertion is a Forester if that helps.

You will probably have to hire a welder. Cast iron welding rods have developed well in recent years. I have used a few times and they seem to have, if welding or surface near the weld never experience an impact. Throwing a piece of wood in the insertion could easily cause the insertion of crack, and if ago, will break the solder side. The best bet is that the filling removed, properly ground and soldiers on both sides.

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Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace
What should I do with my electric fireplace, which usually follows?

I have an electric fireplace that was in my living room and then worked for a month or so, and ever since then every time you turn the heater on for a second and then off and then the heater will stop working. Is it require a dedicated outlet, or need to call an electrician to fix this?

any type of electric heat has its own dedicated power source. I've had hundreds of calls for service in recent years portable heater circuit overload. a strip heater 1500 watts 12.5 amps. A standard 15 amp circuit living room should not be charged more than 80 percent. That is 12 amps so its overloaded with only the heater running. Looks like you can also have a problem with the heater to get the electrician to check that while he is there to install a new circuit.

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Pellet Stove Inserts

pellet stove inserts
Does anyone have parts or know something about a Whitfield Advantage II Pellet Stove Insert?

The control board for this range has unlimited power / Off. This range was given to me by a friend who ran for years. The switch for the auger was bad as soldiers in two pieces of wire on the back control plate with a new switch. We used the stove for a little while, it worked very well. Then, the switch must be pressed against the gate control card causing a small spark. Augar engine stopped immediately. I disconnected the cables of the motor augar a test to see if the power goes through Card actuall control, and it is. The motor does not run from the control board, but if you connect an extension Coard wall joining the ends with the engine works well. There is a glass fuse on the back of the control board that is not burned. The range "starts", and combustion and distribution of fan work but augar not.

Check the fuse even tho it is not brown. You could have blown the fuse wire to brown. Next to the Internet and see if you can find a new control board and not changing or adding something to it. See Whitfield for parts here is a website.

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Gel Fuel Fireplace

gel fuel fireplace

There are several companies that make gel fuel, many of whom are based on alcohol. There are other ingredients, however, so a step you can visit the website of the company to find ingredients or the product. Be Real flame is and there are a few others.

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Wood Fireplace Inserts

wood fireplace inserts
I have a fireplace insert, what is the best type of wood to burn?

Dry seasoned hardwood or … Maple, beech, elm, birch. Stay away from soft wood such as evergreens …. to do a lot of soot ….. and can cause chimney fires

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