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Fireplace Inserts

fireplace inserts
How I can replace a gas fireplace insert a wood stove?

what changes must be done to replace a gas fireplace insert a wood stove?

Ventilation on / fireplace must be replaced. this is the most crucial. use of gas appliances "C" and "B" vent material, which are tin single wall, double wall and tin, respectively. are not sufficient for solid fuels. solid burning requires a "A" vent. This is similar to a B fan, but (it's been 10 years since I read this) has an insulating layer inbetween the walls of the tube to keep the heat inside the chimney, and are more air tight. Call a professional installer wood stove, and do it properly. "A" vent is VERY expensive, (you can save on ventilation as it does in the kitchen) and I will not make any mistakes, or do so incorrectly. Removal of all the ventilation of other materials must be done before coming to cut costs.

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Fireplace Insert Accessories

fireplace insert accessories
I'm looking for a 1988 Fisher Price Precious Places mansion magic key?

The beautiful places ® Magic Key Mansion is a great 6 / 4, 3 floors pink Victorian house with white trim bread and a light blue ceiling. The house has a beautiful porch that surrounds the hand, a 2-story window, and a white fireplace. The home base has a green (garden) with grooves on the bottom for inserting the precious places ® magnetic key to move the figures around the accessories. Figures and some of the accessories have magnets in them or metal magnet attracts the magnetic key. When a figure is standing on the ground, and the key movements of the plant, makes the figure seem to "come alive" and move by itself. The key can be used to open and close the doors (the buttons are metal), open the door the fireplace, and more. The key also activates the 4 working lights inside the house, and a porch light on the porch!

testing eBay = $ $ $ Or contact us below

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Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert

dimplex electric fireplace insert
220 V electric fireplaces?

I'm looking for a place I can buy an electric fireplace insert. Only records and there is no frame around or mantelpiece. You need to be 220 V and records of the flame and feel real. Is there somewhere I can for the company online or you know? Thanks. This is the perfect example of what I'm looking for, you only need 120V and 220V. Only I want to party registration, no mantel or frame parts please!

I have seen these at Lowes. I hope theres some near you.

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Fireplace Insert Screen

fireplace insert screen
We are thinking of putting a flat screen TV above the fireplace, is it too hot there? We insertion of wood?

We with a wooden insert in the fireplace. He does quite hot at times.

Place a thermometer in the plans to put the TV and check temperature with a fire. In this way you will know exactly how hot it is.

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Gas Fireplace Inserts Prices

gas fireplace inserts prices
Propane gas and clouds in the price. What is a good way to heat my home?

I have a fireplace, but it seems that is too large, and the warmth coming from the ceiling instead of heating my house. Anyone who tried to insert? HELP!

Try a wood stove or wood pellet stove. They work much better than a normal home, that fits into your existing fireplace and take all the smoke from the oven, if the valve is released so that it burns hotter but faster. If you have a closed valve that will burn slower but cooler and open the door if smoke will be well in sight. But I have not personally seen the prices of propane gas to be bad at all. In fact yesterday when I went with my mom to get propane for our kitchen grill I did some quick calculations and propane was like $ 2.15 a gallon! I do not know who the supplier of your propane gas is more than you should probably do some shopping, whether it is more expensive than $ 2.15. Also, make sure your windows are thermally bonded well. windows of old houses "have a tendency to release energy (A / C or heat) who wishes to remain inside your home. If you have old windows you may want to consider replacing them as they may be the culprit of many of their hard-earned dollars to spend on your propane. There are alternatives to electric heating of course, but change their dependence on electricity bills and if you actually save money for long-term change. Then there is the most common type of heating throughout the heating oil, but of course prices they are getting pretty ridiculous too. I suggest you get a wood stove if you live in a rural area or a wood pellet stove, those are very good if you have the automatic allowing small quantities of pills at a time to maintain the same temperature. But shop around and see what you can to find the cheapest price. I know the prices of energy sources vary by region and country in these days so I can not say much personal experience.

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Wood Fireplace Inserts

wood fireplace inserts
I have a fireplace insert, what is the best type of wood to burn?

Dry seasoned hardwood or … Maple, beech, elm, birch. Stay away from soft wood such as evergreens …. to do a lot of soot ….. and can cause chimney fires

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Pellet Fireplace Insert

pellet fireplace insert
What is better and cheaper than a wood burning fireplace? gas, electric or pellet?

We currently have a fireplace. We would like an insert. Any suggestions as to gas or electric or pill? What are the pros and cons? Cost? Installer? DIY?

If you choose the pellet, use good quality pellets or you pay more in the long run to have the cleaning operation has saved to buy cheap pills. Quiet and beautiful flame. The large bags of pellets are a hoax. If you can make gas, I'll take that. While the unit is outdoors. I knew someone who bought a gas stove $ 2000 and once installed, he realized that the whole house reeked with an odor similar to kerosene. Ugh And it was too noisy.

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Fireplace Insert Doors

fireplace insert doors
I can buy an insert to burn wood in the fireplace?

I have a stack of wood that is very ineffiecient. Had to buy an insert that has a glass window in the door

Yes, a "Home Products" concessionaire will have several to choose from.

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Chimney Liner

chimney liner
Advise me on the lining of the chimney, please?

I want to install a 4 "flexible stainless steel chimney liner.My gas furnace is in my kitchen.The 4 inch pipe near the entrance is a matter cleanout.My ceiling.There is how I'm going to jacket bent at 90 degrees? Perhaps there an adapter available to go through the hole in my kitchen something like a T.

Liners Ive installed many fireplace. Is bent 90 degrees. Just drag backing down and reaching in, bend it and pull it through.

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Gold Fireplace Screen

gold fireplace screen
What is the best way to decorate or make a brick fireplace stand out?

I just bought a house with a simple brick fireplace in the living room area. Is painted white with a mantle of oak and glass that covers it, is gold. I really do not like how it looks, but I just have no idea how to dress properly. I've been watching HGTV and stuff but I have no idea what look I'm looking for. I'm going to buy a large LCD television and placed in the upper mantle. Is this correct? Someone please help. Thanks guys!

First of all congratulations on your new home, it is always Accessories exciting for your new home! As for the fireplace, there are always plenty of options out there, you can put a clock in the center and some photo frames that match the color (gold or white), with respect to your TV, if your house is more modern style i will go for it a place d in the top of the chimney, but if most of the country or antique, I would put a picture on the top of the chimney in place. Either ways it is not easy to give advice without seeing the room. I am a staging and interior redesign specialist, if you want better advice, you can send me a picture, my email is my Yahoo ID, we will gladly help.Good lucky!

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