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Fire Guards

fire guards
Can you help me with a problem in Breath of Fire IV?

I can play a PS1 game called breath of fire IV. But the moment in which they Scias in his party, Cray and his savings during the night, where you must defeat the guards in a shift in Ludia Castle, whenever you fight against the guard at the door on the left, as screen twists and turns blue to go to battle, just keep spinning and not stop. What is causing this and what I can do?

I think the game is problematic.

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Fireplace Spark Guards

fireplace spark guards
Fireplace Installation?

hello. I have a wood stove that I have and I am originally going to use for an outdoor fireplace, but because I thoguht garage gets very cold and I spend time there doing things I'd like to install it there. What do I have to do for me to get in that country. Obviously I would have to be away from flammable things and I would put a guard around it so nothing about it. Is it easier to turn off the ceiling or window. How long does the flu have to be because I tried out and ia few sparks continued to reach the top. Do I need a flu more? thanks

Flu has to be above the height of ceiling height

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