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Home Fireplaces

home fireplaces
I would like to know the value of a used mobile home fireplace stove made by Sears and Roebuck # 155.84174?

Almost nothing.

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Art Deco Fireplace

art deco fireplace
Need help with interior design, what I ….?

…. Do with my living room? I have a good idea, I just bought a black couch Art Deco style, I would like to go with the art deco style, I keep my cream-colored curtains, because they are expensive, but the color I can do the walls and I can buy a patterned wallpaper on every wall / wall, or paper patterns at all, and I have black and white sockets with a white marble fireplace. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

I would go with only a target because a black sofa and cream curtains with a white wall would make your room look more modern and more open and refereshed for you, if not, you can paint with cream, brown or beige up to you. If desired, you can make a wallpaper on the wall as which is behind the sofa can add an image of a black background with white flowers and then have a long black vase with fake flowers in it or just white real) until then you can also add a cream carpet under the table, if you have one in front of your sofa, this will make the room cozy and relaxed.

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Fire Screens Uk

fire screens uk
Yahoo will not attach. Jpg,. Doc since he arrived in South Africa in different browsers.?

I tried with EI7, Fire Fox and Opera, the same result. Archives attachments are only 70kb and is usually attached. The screen stays on "attachments" to the timeline in motion, but the button on the top tab back to "Yahoo Mail compose" and address of the bottom / info bar states "fact." When you reload, which takes me back to menu Attachment, having lost my selection. I attach a 600kb left for 2 hours without success. I had no problems in the United Kingdom and Egypt, which seems only have happened since I arrived in SA. I followed the suggestions in line and they have not helped. Anyone – I can not help please!? Error goes on and change the files. ppt and then they are damaged and can not be opened. Yahoo also am getting "error 2" when trying to send an email. No response Yahoo so far.

try to change the file type. to ppt (Power Point), here's how: Just go to the saved location or yours in then find the tools tab on the top bar, click Folder Options, and then the view tab and uncheck the option that says "Hide extensions for the types of Known file, now back and now u can see the file extensions to each side of the file name change that. A. Pp doc trying to put back the hope that helped

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Garden Fireplace

garden fireplace
How do you rid your garden of slugs and fireplace? I tried all the "bait"?!

Beer slug trap normally does the trick, if not, whether they are in your fireplace. I would say that a fire .. Worst case you get an exterminator.

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Outdoor Fireplace Accessories

outdoor fireplace accessories

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Room Dividers

room dividers
Where I can buy room dividers?

What stores (not online) I can get? Target, Walmart, etc? Especially economic? Thanks!

Make them! Head to your local store and get wood cabinet panels unfinished painting and hinge together. Or make a frame of s 1 x 3 "" with a support center and non-food items or joint accounts or slatted or perforated sheet metal mesh back.

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Fireplace Supplies

fireplace supplies
"I can connect my propane grill to the propane in my house, I have to buy a small tank?

I have in my house propane used for a stove, dryer and gas fireplace. Propane is supplied at 11 inches of water. "I can connect my propane grill on a piece existing outdoor propane my house, which has a valve and is right where I want to grill, or do I have to buy and use small tanks all seem to have? Would to buy trac pipe or a special connector?

all sizes should be standerd. should hook right up. No matter the size of are.hope tanks this helps. I do all the time.

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Alcohol Fireplace

alcohol fireplace
OMG is this swine flu?? I am very worried!? PLEASE?

Well yesterday I was at home from a friend who had whiskey, the fireplace was, etc. I left about 12 midnight it was too wet out all of my suddenly became sore throat, sore throat feels like, I have pharyngitis Occasionally, probably the alcohol is deterioted yesterday, now I'm in the office of my throat is still sore, my nose is a little fill, but does not leak, do not know if I have mouth feel that I have some, I'm so scared, what do you think?? !

The symptoms of swine flu are exactly the same as the flu, so the only way to know if you have is to go to the doctor and get tested. The only problem is that the laboratories performing the test are as a backup that upon receiving the results back, which will be on it. My suggestion is if you think you have the flu, either version, go home and stay there until it is over it, why risk that extends to coworkers.

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Second Hand Fireplaces

second hand fireplaces
Do you think that the second-hand cigarette smoke is more harmful to you than a chimney smoke or car exhaust.?

not at all. In fact, pollution from factories, cars, trucks, aircraft fuel spill in the air, aerosol cans for all households is used, the products chemicals in our foods is the real problem, the government is covering everything with cigarettes. Remember when they told me not to eat eggs that are bad for you? Then he said that eating eggs is good for you? There was an article in the health section of smoking decreases the chances of Parkinson's disease. I have asthma, and all who put off Perfume can be smelled a block away, heat and emotional stress, and people tell me what I can and can not do with my body. Keep your nose to yourself, does not really belong to me as S. ..

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Antique Fireplaces

antique fireplaces
What 80's song has a music video set in an old house?

I remember the house had a lot of antiques (such Once a suit of armor, I'm pretty sure it was a moose head mounted on the wall). All antiques and objects in the room were singing and moving to music around the singer, who I think was sitting in front of the fireplace. I can not remember any letter, or name, but I remember the melody in the chorus (not that helpful)

Roval think is right. Here's the link:

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