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Ethanol Fires

ethanol fires
someone could recommend a hot laboratory have a similar effect to a bunsen without a supply of gas?

I'm setting small home laboratory and the fuel is very expensive and a huge fire risk. By the time he has been using a butane gas stove is not really best for the job – Can anyone recommend something better? Could be taken a look at alcohol burners that could even make one myself – I need to present pure ethanol and that temperatures could be expected? but thank you!

What happens with a butane torch?

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See Through Gas Fireplace

see through gas fireplace
Help! Quick! There is no privacy in the face and two gas fireplace! You can see through the living room to the bedroom!?

Quick! The beds are coming and want to resolve this before, but nobody can give me a good solution. In addition to a separate screen, what I can make privacy? I moved to a house with a gas fireplace, two-sided can see right through the living room from the bedroom! (Built to sit beside the room and marble / wood mantle in the next room) I do not know what the builders were thinking … possibly would never have children running around interfering the house and that everyone who can buy the house after it was finished she has no children either.

I'm not 100% sure this would work, but What about high-temperature paint (used to paint the car parts and other things)? If you can get it to adhere to the glass must be able to handle the heat. I recommend going with a black paint otherwise going to be wrong from the soot from the fires.

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Flueless Gas Fires

flueless gas fires
you can run a fire balanced flue gas from a cylinder?

I want to run a gas fire in a small apartment and do not want the pollution and condensation caused by flue bottle warmers. I can run a pipe through one of the vents in the room but I should be able to bottles that I have no power.

Yes, you can buy. Installation is fairly simple, but tube insertion and double wall stainless steel is not cheap. If you desperately want one and the money is there, go for it. Expect to spend about $ 2,000. Why do this, exactly? Just do a Google search for "propane fireplace." Many of the manufacturers out there.

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Gas Fires

gas fires
What do you think of the 3 tons of global warming gases spewed CA fires?

Cover article in Yahoo News. The trees are that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. What? How to prevent forest fires. In the case of CA fires igniting a person was fire. And also, prophesied about this before it happened. So what? I see that God gave the devil permission to do this. And it has global affected. What the devil meant for destruction, God becomes forever.

The fires were caused by the flammability of all hot air media. Once started, the hot air it helped keep it running.

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Balanced Flue

balanced flue
Writing the energy balance for a tube and shell condenser?

Hi all, I have some problems to create the energy balance a tube and shell condenser. The aim is to reduce the water content of a flue gas condensation. Cold water is used as cooling agent on the side of the shell.

You will need to fully understand the thermodynamics of the combustion gas stream to get a response. Its combustion gases can be super heated, or may be in saturation. You also have to recognize that most of the heat transfer due to vapor condensation water. You should do an Internet search data and information on the properties of combustion gases. Below is an example of the type of information which can be useful.

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Electric Fires

electric fires
Should I block from my fireplace to put in an electrical fire?

We currently have an open fire and just dug it more space large wood stove. We can not allow at the time when they were hoping to put an electric stove (looks like wood stove) in open space in the fireplace. But I do not want all the heat goes up the chimney. We also live in a staircase to the fireplace is shared with six other houses so not sure what to do with the top of the stack like most councils, says it needs to close the top as well. Any suggestions?

to be be in the U K. Well it is obvious that U can not block the top of the chimney. And even if you want to block right next to you, which could cause a problem for everyone else. So why not consult an expert in the fireplace? A person who builds chimneys. In the UK there are people like that. Here in the States that have only the most Sellers who read a booklet once upon a time, and I know its not ass from a hole in the ground.

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Gas Stove Fires

gas stove fires
Can an ordinary gas stove hot enough to shoot glass?

The stove would be a double burner vented.It is a hypothetical question, I'm not planning to do so.

No, not hot enough. You need enough infrared heat that is emitted.

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Fireplaces Plus

fireplaces plus
How I can remove the glass chimney to clean? (Revised)?

It is a gas fireplace, there is a wall switch to turn and off. Glass is not attached to the front of it which is sealed, no moving parts. The glass should be cleaned inside, plus there dead moths there. I can not find a way to get the glass out to clean!

There must be some kind of a clip or a spring retention bracket unit. Perhaps you can find the manufacturer and contact them through their website.

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