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Fake Fireplace Logs

fake fireplace logs
What is the switch in the bottom of the gas fireplace?

I have a fireplace in which to turn a button to increase or decrease the amount of gas leaving a wall switch to turn the fireplace on and off. The chimney is false records with the glass on the front (so no access to the interior the chimney). I noticed a switch on the bottom of the chimney, and I do not know what does. Can anyone tell me what you do?

Some of these Logs gas fireplaces have a fan to blow hot air into the room, it could switch to the fan. Apart from that there is no reason for it.

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Gas Fireplace Accessories

gas fireplace accessories
creative slogans for the store chimney? we sell all kinds of fireplaces, wood stoves and gas appliances and

as accessories. we have a complete education staff to install, sales and service. looking for something different and smart.

come and make arrangements to get roasted

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Gas Fire Parts

gas fire parts

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Electric Logs

electric logs
When U.S. We are making electricity from burning different types of organic waste?

I live here in the western state Washington's Olympic Peninsula, and hurts himself all organic waste going to landfills or burned in the register of sites

Burning only create more pollution.

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Brick Fireplace Designs

brick fireplace designs
Family room interior design, help!?

I'm thinking to redo my family room, not sure what to do. There is a red-brown brick fireplace, light wood bookcase red and white wall on the right is the shutter windows. It's a room-size average, about 20×20 feet around me take the rest of the furniture and painting walls. Any ideas for wall color and the color of the furniture?

Change space for neutral colors. Not only light colors make a room seem more spacious, giving a feeling of airyness and freedom. Me painting its walls a nice ivory or cream. A vase of colorful flowers on the dining table adds a touch of color, like artwork and cushions. It's incredible how much of a difference these things can make a neutral color scheme. If you have dark furniture can also use mirrors and glass to make room clearer display and draw attention to the dark furniture, flooring, etc, HGTV_3382_4403111, / Living/Warm_white_living_room_2708.html 00.html? subslug = http : / /? / The-beauty-of-a-White-hall & id = 920354 This is a good place to see what others have done with their rooms at home.

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Home Fireplaces

home fireplaces
I would like to know the value of a used mobile home fireplace stove made by Sears and Roebuck # 155.84174?

Almost nothing.

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Fireplace Hearth

fireplace hearth
Home heating Fireplace Bellfires line … need a supplier who can get me one for northern Indiana?

See pages Yellow fireplaces, find a distributor. Ask if you can provide. If not, ask if you know someone who can. Faster, the route direct.

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Gas Chimney

gas chimney
What are the four rules of construction the construction of the brickwork around a gas fire to sit high in the chimney?

Basically, I understand that there must be a certain distance from the ground to the base of pine gas and that something must be floating or, all I want to know is what ar measures ethereal and someone knows where I can read the rules for free?

225 mm is the minimum distance between the burner gas stove and any other material below.carpet fuel directly, wooden floor etc.most gas fires are under 7kw therefore needs no perminant ventilation.up sewn yours, only advise, do not criticize

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Classic Fireplaces

classic fireplaces
Have the option of having your own house designed and built, what style would you choose?

Whould you like a classic line right home painted white with crystal and silver, Mexico style with a large fireplace and lots of colors oragne; story double house (mansion), with an indoor swimming pool and garden Cottage Garden Vegatable a beautiful garden and a fish pond? Come on, that we dream for the dream can come true. Enjoy the weekend take care, Suzanne

After building the home, "the future" for a science fair. Unfortunately, I was too young, it was not my field interest at the time, and I have a B. However, desire to revisit the idea, and one day build (have built?) And live in that house. Since all the things mentioned, and many more, somehow attracts me, I am inclined to think it would be a great property with an eclectic landscape. The home should probably then have place around it. The colors, materials for weather, etc – all would be a function of the location of thought. The building itself would be a lot. I would like the facilities of the "futuristic" at home, but very long to live in a stone castle. So combining the two concepts, throw in a little Japanese garden, Greek pillar or two – and the viola.

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Chimney Top Damper

chimney top damper
How I can let creosote build up in my stainless steel liner in the chimney of brick? Run hot and humid open fire?

Stove wood is the state of the art and works great, but only about a month at a time then the lining of the chimney cap to near the top significant creosote build …. burns and shock chery fully experienced figure I can not open this one … I've never had the problem before What other experiences "Vermiculite"? is like a cement that is poured around the outside of the line between that and the chimney? Can be removed if the lining needs is replcaed?

Change to hardwoods such as oak flavored.

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