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Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace
What should I do with my electric fireplace, which usually follows?

I have an electric fireplace that was in my living room and then worked for a month or so, and ever since then every time you turn the heater on for a second and then off and then the heater will stop working. Is it require a dedicated outlet, or need to call an electrician to fix this?

any type of electric heat has its own dedicated power source. I've had hundreds of calls for service in recent years portable heater circuit overload. a strip heater 1500 watts 12.5 amps. A standard 15 amp circuit living room should not be charged more than 80 percent. That is 12 amps so its overloaded with only the heater running. Looks like you can also have a problem with the heater to get the electrician to check that while he is there to install a new circuit.

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