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Fake Fireplace Logs

fake fireplace logs
What is the switch in the bottom of the gas fireplace?

I have a fireplace in which to turn a button to increase or decrease the amount of gas leaving a wall switch to turn the fireplace on and off. The chimney is false records with the glass on the front (so no access to the interior the chimney). I noticed a switch on the bottom of the chimney, and I do not know what does. Can anyone tell me what you do?

Some of these Logs gas fireplaces have a fan to blow hot air into the room, it could switch to the fan. Apart from that there is no reason for it.

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Electric Logs

electric logs
When U.S. We are making electricity from burning different types of organic waste?

I live here in the western state Washington's Olympic Peninsula, and hurts himself all organic waste going to landfills or burned in the register of sites

Burning only create more pollution.

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Classic Fireplaces

classic fireplaces
Have the option of having your own house designed and built, what style would you choose?

Whould you like a classic line right home painted white with crystal and silver, Mexico style with a large fireplace and lots of colors oragne; story double house (mansion), with an indoor swimming pool and garden Cottage Garden Vegatable a beautiful garden and a fish pond? Come on, that we dream for the dream can come true. Enjoy the weekend take care, Suzanne

After building the home, "the future" for a science fair. Unfortunately, I was too young, it was not my field interest at the time, and I have a B. However, desire to revisit the idea, and one day build (have built?) And live in that house. Since all the things mentioned, and many more, somehow attracts me, I am inclined to think it would be a great property with an eclectic landscape. The home should probably then have place around it. The colors, materials for weather, etc – all would be a function of the location of thought. The building itself would be a lot. I would like the facilities of the "futuristic" at home, but very long to live in a stone castle. So combining the two concepts, throw in a little Japanese garden, Greek pillar or two – and the viola.

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Decorative Electric Fireplace

decorative electric fireplace
Best choices for heating of a Victorian flat?

Status: No heat (natural gas had some unvented heaters in front of decorative fireplaces, but they are safe and legally installed.) The unit is on the second floor of a 3-storey building, so no forced air is an option. inserts gas fireplace installation requires some major problems (ventilation through our fireplace and the upstairs neighbors), possibly structural work. Radiant floor heating is possible if I am willing to break my hardwood floors, heating system and reinstall the floor. I have a couple low cost heaters (electric) on each end of the site, which are not really that useful on cold days. I can do my family to use more sweaters. Beyond that? Thanks for the views!

It takes a couple of great room heaters ceramic electric rate, $ 400 to $ 600 each. I do not know what else can be done with limited wall, floor, roof access. I've seen are mobile, so you can move from room to room. The top and sides of these heaters are cold to the touch.

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Outdoor Propane Fireplace

outdoor propane fireplace

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Fireplace Inserts

fireplace inserts
How I can replace a gas fireplace insert a wood stove?

what changes must be done to replace a gas fireplace insert a wood stove?

Ventilation on / fireplace must be replaced. this is the most crucial. use of gas appliances "C" and "B" vent material, which are tin single wall, double wall and tin, respectively. are not sufficient for solid fuels. solid burning requires a "A" vent. This is similar to a B fan, but (it's been 10 years since I read this) has an insulating layer inbetween the walls of the tube to keep the heat inside the chimney, and are more air tight. Call a professional installer wood stove, and do it properly. "A" vent is VERY expensive, (you can save on ventilation as it does in the kitchen) and I will not make any mistakes, or do so incorrectly. Removal of all the ventilation of other materials must be done before coming to cut costs.

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Fire Inserts

fire inserts
Does anyone have a fireplace insert? Is it worth the money spent?

with the price of butane i think of getting a fireplace insert to reallly helps the heat of a house and save you money? Need some input please help if you have one?

We have a wood stove. Is a great job all year long, but worth it if you love nature and working outside, alo have access to free wood and an endless supply for me husband and I work very well.

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Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

wall mount electric fireplace
how efficient are the new electric fireplaces that can be mounted on the wall?

they are 100% efficient all the electricity that enters them is used. this is how efficient. is misleading is not it? the fact is that usually pull a lot of energy, electricity is a high form energy, so while it is 100% efficient. the energy used is expensive, having been converted from thermal energy or hydroelectric power electricity, then heat again.

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Electric Fire Logs

electric fire logs
Earth Hour? Preserving the planet for your children!?

Earth Hour is a global project to raise awareness about energy consumption and as saving some, getting people to turn off their lights and appliances for one hour. Your TONIGHT from 8 to 9 pm. That is 8 to 9 pm in your local time zone, indeed. Lots of people have signed up for this, including large corporations … this is not just some hippy, this is great! Google has "lights out" during all day … at least in the UK, where the homepage is black for the day. Why not enjoy an evening meal by candlelight? A wood stove spreads the load of heat and light … Try it today! Or, if you are in a warmer climate, why not sit and watch the stars? Even if you can not handle the complete lack of electric light, make a special effort to clear all that you do not absolutely need, and check your DVD players, machines coffee, etc are off, not just in standby mode. View

We intend to sit in the dark with a fire: )

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Gas Fires

gas fires
What do you think of the 3 tons of global warming gases spewed CA fires?

Cover article in Yahoo News. The trees are that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. What? How to prevent forest fires. In the case of CA fires igniting a person was fire. And also, prophesied about this before it happened. So what? I see that God gave the devil permission to do this. And it has global affected. What the devil meant for destruction, God becomes forever.

The fires were caused by the flammability of all hot air media. Once started, the hot air it helped keep it running.

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