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Retractable Screens

retractable screens
Retractable / sliding screen door french door?

Hi, recently new doors (they are French doors), I checked online to see if it was possible to add a retractable / sliding screen door for my french doors, and it is. I was wondering if anyone knew where he could buy this type of screen doors (in southern California, or online if they have a low shipping price) any help is appreciated and thanks.

Call the local gateway / Store window in your area .. I tell you the brand and size of a can of doors and order / install the door of your screen for you and you do not have to worry about to return something that might not fit.

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Glass Door Fireplace Screen

glass door fireplace screen
How I can do baby proof my fireplace?

I live in an apartment and no glass door on my fireplace (just link things metal curtain) and my 7 year old son loves this month to try to climb in afraifd I put just a metal screen in front of him because I bring more to himself. Are there products out there?

My Mom and Dad recorded several large pieces of cardboard in the whole damn thing. In winter the weather turned, the baby was old enough to know that they will not stack.

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Fireplace Glass Doors

fireplace glass doors
What would be cleaner to use to clean the glass doors on my wood fireplace?

Charlie is tr .. I just use a towel wet paper and dip it into cold ashes in the financial perspective or in the ash can I use for the ashes of old, cold .. GL

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Security Screen Doors

security screen doors
How to install and display glass panels of a security gate?

I have a security door made of iron.I backyard would become a / Cancel of security by installing a removable glass panel. I would also like a screen to replace the glass in warm weather. Full size normal. Would it be difficult and expensive? Who would? Would it be easier and cheaper to buy one in the mouth (I think range from $ 200 to 300. I hate to pull a door so pretty.

Might be a bit difficult and not cheap to convert. The frame you have to support the glass and the documents attached to the door security would be heavy and difficult to find or fabricate. You may be able to find a framed screen that could be applied to the surface, tapping screws, to security door and solve the problem of summer. For winter you may want to consider using Plexiglas, unframed, which could be guaranteed, metal screws, directly to the softer side of the security door. (If self-tapping screws are not available, or not working, you have to drill small holes in the door security to install the plate screws.) A good hardware store will have plastic "L" thingys so that could be used to hold the screen and frame or clear plastic sheet in place.

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