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Chimney Sweep

chimney sweep
The cost of a chimney sweep?

My friends and I rented a house with two fireplaces, and wonder if anyone knows how much it costs to obtain a inspection and cleaning if nescessary. Can they be separated, or are only included in one package. On the other hand, since you are renting, the owner is required to ensure that chimneys are in good, clean working order, or have to pay for it.

Maryland is usually $ 100 – $ 200. They to inspect as part of the cleanup. If the owner does not pay to have it clean just mention that they have fire in the fireplace and regardless of whether the accumulation of soot causing a fire that so. He is the one who will pay for a new chimney or building. Seriously, is part of the general maintenance of the building, you must pay it.My family has always had fireplaces and usually shoot a couple of nights a week for 3 months a year. Sometimes we are swept chimmenys each year and sometimes we missed a year. If you really just going to have a few fires (as less than 5 per year) then even if it is dirty you may not be accumulated to more soot to be much worse.

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