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Wood Burning Stoves

wood burning stoves
Do you still selling firewood or charcoal stoves in South Africa?

Yes they do. The best are from a company called Challenge. They have a full range from the level of entrada''Joya''Desafía to la''''Desafía magic. Only rural furnitureshops values and yet they are very expensive. From R7000 to R12000. You can buy carbon un''Dover''estufa is very basic, no hot boxes, watertanks no, no languages temerature of R4000. Nowa days is money to sellers of scrap metal such as steel prices have shot sky SA incredibly in recent 2 months. An old exhausted still can give you a scrap R1000 rand. They are easy to find and normally out of old houses, as it received electricity. I installed one in my macaw and comes very well with loadshedding! My friends love the fresh bread when you braai.

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Fireplace Inserts

fireplace inserts
How I can replace a gas fireplace insert a wood stove?

what changes must be done to replace a gas fireplace insert a wood stove?

Ventilation on / fireplace must be replaced. this is the most crucial. use of gas appliances "C" and "B" vent material, which are tin single wall, double wall and tin, respectively. are not sufficient for solid fuels. solid burning requires a "A" vent. This is similar to a B fan, but (it's been 10 years since I read this) has an insulating layer inbetween the walls of the tube to keep the heat inside the chimney, and are more air tight. Call a professional installer wood stove, and do it properly. "A" vent is VERY expensive, (you can save on ventilation as it does in the kitchen) and I will not make any mistakes, or do so incorrectly. Removal of all the ventilation of other materials must be done before coming to cut costs.

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Wood Burning Fireplace Accessories

wood burning fireplace accessories

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Cast Iron Wood Stoves

cast iron wood stoves
I have an old cast iron wood stove. How I can clean the rust and get outside?

You could paint with high temperature painting.

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Wood Burning Stove Accessories

wood burning stove accessories
Design around a wood stove?

yes our new mid-size room has a small black wood stove on a brick patform at the corner of the room. its kinda cool. has to be an accessory rather than a focal point of the room. Any ideas? Its actually a family room

Here are some pictures I found. Just be careful what you put near him because of how hot it gets! http:// http:// Liberty.jpg may only rearrange the furniture will help you make the focus. You might even get a decorative fireplace screen to put in front of it when its out season. That way it still is nice, but not forced to look at him.

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Multi Fuel Stoves

multi fuel stoves
Where can we buy at the best price an arrow ecoburn of 7 sources kitchens of several?

Hi here are some of the prices available. 20Arrow% 20Eco% 207.htm% £ 554 £ 699 20Burn http:// .uk / Aarrow / Ecoburn.htm £ 481 £ 670 hope this helps a bit

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Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

wood burning fireplace inserts
How to repair a crack in my fireplace insert steel, is a wood filler.?

The crack is in the rear interior wall of the piece, the inside is a thin metal and then there's another very thick layer of steel on the outside. Insertion is a Forester if that helps.

You will probably have to hire a welder. Cast iron welding rods have developed well in recent years. I have used a few times and they seem to have, if welding or surface near the weld never experience an impact. Throwing a piece of wood in the insertion could easily cause the insertion of crack, and if ago, will break the solder side. The best bet is that the filling removed, properly ground and soldiers on both sides.

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Wood Fireplace Inserts

wood fireplace inserts
I have a fireplace insert, what is the best type of wood to burn?

Dry seasoned hardwood or … Maple, beech, elm, birch. Stay away from soft wood such as evergreens …. to do a lot of soot ….. and can cause chimney fires

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Wood Burning Fireplace

wood burning fireplace
"I can install a gas log fireplace wood burning?

I was told that due to wood burning fireplaces have huge exhaustive so if I can use gas logs lose a lot of heat so it works mainly as decoration rather than heating unit. Is this true? by the way, my fireplace Wood is designed for gas logs for installation and make a 8 1 / 2 "tube exahst.

Buy a United Nations register VENTILATION set and can be closed in the chimney flu to all the heat goes home … If it gets too hot you can open the vent to get rid of some of the heat … Sure system that the United Nations record is not a set VENT ventilation …. Sometimes called vent free too …

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