Propane Fire Pit

propane fire pit
propane fire pits purchased in retail stores (KMart, Home Depot, etc)?

The information on store bought fire pits propane gas. How long does it burn? Operating cost of about 5 hours. Any suggestion that work best? Last longer? I'm looking for which seem to have a stone base burned area or larger than the children who go on a patio.

My favorite is the heater Castlerock at The Home Depot. If you go to "heater Castlerock" and type or "3-6242-57-0SL" in the search will appear. These can burn propane rather quickly, though, especially if they're in the highest position. Expect to burn a gallon of propane gas on average over a period of 5 hours. So at $ 3.50 / gallon, you look a little less than $ 1 per hour to operate. The biggest headache is the recharge or exchange of the 5 tanks of propane, a gallon every week if you are planning to use every day, 5 hours per day.

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