Towne Sweep Ltd is located in Waukegan, IL and has been in business since 1974.  It is Firefighter owned and operated.  We operate Monday through Saturday year round to meet your entire chimney cleaning needs.

If you own a fireplace it is very important to have it inspected and serviced prior to using it.  There are a few things that determine when your fireplace should be cleaned.  First of all, if you use your fireplace on average, four to seven times each week, then you should definitely have your fireplace inspected and cleaned every year.  If you burn only on holidays or occasionally on weekends then this schedule might not be necessary.  There are also other factors that should be considered when determining when you fireplace should be cleaned such as the kind of wood you burn, (if it is hard and dry), how long has it been since your last cleaning.  If you are having a smoke problem it just might be related to creosote build-up.

Heavy creosote build-up is a fire hazard and usually linked to most chimney fires.  Therefore it is extremely important to select the proper fire wood for your burning season.  Never should you burn your garbage or newspapers in your fireplace.  Never add flammables to your fire wood to get your fire going.  Fire safety is very important when using your fireplace so you should always have a good UL approved carbon monoxide detector, mounted in the manufacturer’s recommended location and a fire extinguisher close by in case of an unexpected event.

Towne Sweep provides service in the Lake County and Kenosha County area.  Appointments can be made by calling:  1 (847) 623-1609 or sending an email to:


Services we offer include:

*Chimney & Fireplace inspections / Cleaning

*Damper Repair

*Chimney Caps Installation

*Firebox Tuckpointing

*Refractory Panel Replacement

*Parts and Liners for your Fireplace

*Dryer Vent Cleaning

*If you have any questions just call


Towne Sweep LTD

Waukegan IL.

(847) 623-1609



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